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Benefits through CRM Software

Our Customer Relationship Management software is designed to organize sales efforts, track new business leads, and manage existing customer relationships.

With our CRM:
  • You can follow up on your important leads at the right time.

  • Helps you acquire customers, and retain them.

  • Management is empowered to view and analyze business information.

  • Track customer information across business, so your sales and service teams always has acces to the right information at the right time without little effort.

  • Track sales and service success rates.

  • Minimize the effect of job attrition on the organization

  • Effective tool to track and manage customers and leads.

  • Increase your customer service levels, keep renewals high and reduce overall support costs.

  • Perform control, evaluation and decision making using up-to-date real-time reports.

  • Consistent process to initiate and close sales more effectively

  • Evaluate which leads result in closed sales

  • Schedule meetings with staff our customers

  • Create and assign tasks to staff members

  • Upload documents and relate them to an account or lead

  • Use our expense module to track your sales reps expenses

  • Add notes and relate them to an account or lead.

24 hours a day, over the phone, email, and web - all your customer interaction has an impact of customer loyalty and retention.
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